OEC korea Jobs Result 2024 Merit List

The Overseas Employment Corporation (OEC) of Pakistan has announced the results for Korea 2023 job opportunities, along with merit lists, and updates on overseas employment prospects. The EPS-TOPIK 2023/1 results, specific to employment opportunities under the Employment Permit System (EPS) in Korea, have also been released. Mr. SHAHZAD KHURRAM, a Korean instructor, has been chosen to present at the 2023 EPS Best Practice Presentation. Additionally, the final OEC lucky draw results for 2023 for Pakistan were released and can be accessed online. The OEC South Korea Lucky Draw 2023 results were also announced, revealing the shortlisted candidates for Korean job opportunities. The results for the 2023 OEC Korea pre-registration have been scheduled, and successful candidates will be entered into the EPS TOPIK test registration in 2023. Results for the 2023 Korean Qurandazi lucky draw, and the EPS-TOPIK test dates for OEC Korea jobs 2023, have been officially released.

OEC Korea Jobs Result

The Overseas Employment Corporation (OEC) of Pakistan has officially announced the results for Korea 2023. Detailed results, merit lists, and the latest announcements from OEC about various overseas job opportunities can all be conveniently accessed from this page. Stay tuned for constant updates and news from OEC. The results were unveiled in their entirety on June 13. Furthermore, the outcomes of the 1st and 2nd round of EPS-TOPIK 2023/1, which pertain to Employment Opportunities in Korea under EPS, can also be verified on this page. A direct link to the results has been provided for ease of access. The final OEC lucky draw results for 2023 for Pakistan can also be checked here. Visit regularly for the most recent updates.

OEC Korea Jobs 2023 Result

We are pleased to announce the selection of the presenter for the 2023 EPS Best Practice Presentation. Mr. SHAHZAD KHURRAM, an accomplished Korean instructor, has been chosen by the HRDK’s EPS Pakistan Center. His compelling and meticulously crafted essay, written in Korean, underscored his deep understanding of EPS best practices. With his comprehensive knowledge and unique perspective, we believe he is the ideal representative for this prestigious event.

OEC Result 2023 Merit List Pakistan

Access the most recent OEC 2023 merit list results directly from our page. We recommend you share this information with your friends so they can check their final merit lists, announced by OEC on June 13, 2023. Additionally, we have the OEC lucky draw result 2023 for Pakistan, available here now. The results of the first round (EPS-TOPIK) 2023/1 were released on June 13, 2023. The much-anticipated announcement of the OEC Korea 2023 pre-registration result has finally been made. The date and time for the OEC result 2023 have been scheduled. Therefore, continue visiting for more updates and news. Finally, check online for the sixth recruitment result of the Point System in Pakistan (second round).

oec Result 2023 Merit list Online Check

The results for the OEC South Korea Lucky Draw 2023, as related to the EPS-TOPIK, have been released for the OEC Korea Jobs 2023 initiative. We are pleased to announce the successful shortlisted candidates of the Lucky Draw Result 2023. This selection process was conducted by the Overseas Employment Corporation of Pakistan and can be viewed on their official website, www.oec.gov.pk. These procedures were followed in strict accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Government of Pakistan. Please note, registration for the EPS Topik test is currently underway.

OEC Korea PRE Registration Result 2024

The selection process for job opportunities in South Korea in 2023 involves a lucky draw. Candidates who successfully pass the initial Overseas Employment Corporation (OEC) pre-registration phase will be entered into this draw. The subsequent selection, often referred to as ‘Qurandazi’, ‘Balloting’, or ‘Lucky Draw’, will determine the candidates who qualify for the EPS TOPIK Test Registration in 2023.

OEC Korea Result 2023 Check Online By CNIC

The results for the 2023 Korean Qurandazi are officially released today. Interested individuals can access the Overseas Employment Corporation (OEC) Lucky Draw Result 2023 at their official website, www.oec.gov.pk, using their CNIC Number. It’s worth noting that the OEC diligently seeks global employment opportunities for Pakistani nationals. This year, the Korean government has unveiled a substantial number of job opportunities for Pakistani citizens. All the processes concerning these Korean job opportunities are managed by the OEC, necessitating all applicants to comply with its rules and regulations. Further details about the OEC Lucky Draw Result 2023 can be found below.

OEC Result 2023 Test Date

The results for the 2023 Overseas Employment Corporation (OEC) lucky draw have been officially announced. You can access the OEC Qurandazi 2023 list, as well as the OEC balloting result and merit list on our page. Furthermore, we are pleased to inform you that the OEC Korea lucky draw result for 2023 is also available now. For the latest updates, consider following our additional pages. We also provide a list of shortlisted candidates who have been selected for further rounds. Stay tuned for more information.

South Korea OEC Result

The Overseas Employment Corporation of Pakistan has announced the balloting results for the 2023 OEC South Korea Lucky Draw. The EPS-TOPIK test dates have also been released in relation to OEC Korea Jobs 2023. Candidates shortlisted in the lucky draw, which was held on February 4, 2023, can check their results online at www.oec.gov.pk, following the guidelines set by the Government of Pakistan. These results are for applications submitted between January 30 and February 2, 2023. The OEC encourages all aspirants for OEC Korea Jobs to stay in touch via our website for further updates.

OEC Korea Result 2023 Announcement

The Overseas Employment Corporation (OEC) of Korea has recently released the results for the year 2023. Candidates who participated in the 2023 job opportunities can now access and check their individual results through the official OEC website or the designated online portals. It is recommended to keep your unique identification number ready for swift and hassle-free access to the results. The announcement also includes crucial next steps and guidelines for selected candidates, so it’s advisable to thoroughly read through all the provided information.

OEC korea Result 2023 Check Online

To check the OEC Korea result for 2023 online, you would typically need to visit the official website of the Overseas Employment Corporation (OEC). There, you will find an option to view the result or outcome of your application. By inputting your application or registration number, you’ll be able to access and review your status. Please note that exact process and URL may vary, so always refer to official sources for accurate information.

How to Verify OEC Korea Jobs Lucky Draw Results 2023 via EPS TOPIK?

The Overseas Employment Corporation (OEC) announces South Korean Jobs for Pakistani citizens in 2023 through a series of well-defined steps. Here’s your guide to the process:

  1. After submitting your application, you will be included in the lottery draw.
  2. The OEC lottery is conducted in various locations such as OEC Islamabad, OEC Karachi, OEC Lahore, and OEC Peshawar.
  3. The results of the lottery can be accessed online at www.oec.gov.pk.

To check your result, simply follow these steps:

  1. Click on the provided link to navigate to the results page.
  2. Once the new results page appears, enter your CNIC Number in the designated field.
  3. Click ‘Submit’ to view your results.
  4. If you’re among the finalists, you’ll be selected for the Professional Skills Test.

Stay tuned for further updates and instructions.

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