MQM-P has unveiled the list of Candidates NA Seats From Karachi

The MQM-Pakistan party has finalized and released its list of candidates for the National Assembly seats from Karachi for the forthcoming general elections in 2024. The announcement was made today, January 11, 2024. The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) in Pakistan has announced its final list of candidates vying for the National Assembly seats in Karachi. The list comprises 16 MQM hopefuls who will be contesting for a total of 18 seats. The MQM Pakistan party has announced its candidates for the upcoming elections.

MQM Announced Names Of Candidates From Karachi

Asia Ishaq will run for the NA-232 seat in Karachi, Javed Hanif for NA-233, Abu Bakar for NA-234, Iqbal Mehsud for NA-235, and Hasan Sabir for NA-236. Further candidates include Rauf Siddiqui for NA-237, Sadiq Iftikhar for NA-238, Arshad Vehra for NA-240, and Dr. Farooq Sattar for NA-241 South district. For the Kemari district, Mustafa Kamal is standing for the NA-242 seat and Humayun Usman for NA-243. Dr Farooq Sattar will contest for NA-244, Hafeez-ud-Din for NA-245, Amin-ul-Haque for NA-246, and Mustafa Kamal for NA-247. Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui is the party’s candidate for NA-248 Central District, with Ahmed Saleem Siddiqui standing for the NA-249 seat and Farhan Chishti for NA-250.

MQM-P Candidates NA Seats from Karachi

  1. NA-232 Aasia Ishaque
  2. NA-233 Javed Hanif
  3. NA-234 Muhammad Abubakar
  4. NA-235 Iqbal Mehsud
  5. NA-236 Hassan Sabir
  6. NA-237 Rauf Siddiqui
  7. NA-238 Sadiq Iftikhar
  8. NA-240 Arshad Vohra
  9. NA-241 and NA-244 Dr Farooq Sattar
  10. NA-242 and NA-247 Mustafa Kamal
  11. NA-243 Humayun Usman
  12. NA-245 Syed Hafeezuddin
  13. NA-246 Syed Aminul Haque
  14. NA-248 Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui
  15. NA-249 Ahmed Saleem Siddiqui
  16. NA-250 Farhan Chishti.

MQM-P has unveiled the list of Candidates NA Seats From Karachi

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