KPK Govt Ramadan Relief Package 2024 Online Apply

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KPK Govt Ramadan Relief Package 2024 announce by the Chief minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Ali Ameen Gandapur after taking the oath. First announcement was delivered relief Package to 0.9M people of  KPK. The deserve people will given 10,000Rs cash during the holy month of Ramadan. This relief package is helpful to the needy people in the holy month. In this relief package KPK Govt also provide flor to the every family of KPK Province. People can apply for cash and for flour through online.

KPK Govt Ramadan Relief Package 2024 Flour Policy

KPK Govt also delivers three (3) Bags of flour to every one family of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Every family can apply through online before the start of holy month of Ramadan. Every beneficiary of BISP can also take benefit from this support program. Those people who are not register in Benazir Income Support Program BISP can also apply through online. The Govt of KPK also Orders to Patwari prepare the list of needy people their area and provide before of Ramadan.

KPK Govt Ramadan Relief Package 2024 Last Date

Ramadan relief package 2024 check online
Package Announced On 7 March 2024
Package implement Start Date 11 March 2024
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KPK Govt Ramadan Relief Package 2024 Online Apply

Ramadan Bazar in KPK 2024

Govt of KPK also holding the Ramadan Bazar in all over cities of KPK in 2024. KPK Govt also Subsides at all over things use in houses in daily routine. Like Flor, Sugar, Ghee oils, Vegetables. The Chief Minister Of KPK Ali Ameen Gandapur announce that the data of beneficiaries will collect from Ehsas Program (BISP). This Program is totally for the poor people of KPK therefore KPK Govt insure the transparency and free and fair accountable in distribution of support program. The Chief Minister of KPK Ali Ameen taking the oath in March 2024 and the month of Ramadan is started from the 11 March 2024.

Through this Package KPK Govt provide financial assist to the poor needy people. PTI leader ship is trying to provide financial support at over all daily uses items. KPK Chief Minister address in 1st speech the Govt of KPK will care the people with helping Hands. The KPK Govt announced that they are taking others measures in the month of Ramadan they are trying to facilitate the people through Ramadan Bazar in Ramadan Bazar provide affordable essential Commodities and the KPK Govt ensure the unbreakable supply of Electricity and Gas through out in KPK.

KPK Govt Ramadan Relief Package For Utility Stores 2024

KPK Govt announce the special relief package for utility Store to compensate the people of KPK province with the cooperate of Federal Govt. Utility Corporation announce the Ramadan Relief package 2024 special subsidy at grocery. Relief Package starting from the 8th of March before Ramadan. This Package can support the lower income People. Subsidy announce at the following Items. KPK Govt is trying to facilitate their people which they can afford.

KPK Govt Ramadan Relief Package 2024 Rates

KPK Govt announce the subsidy at following  items

Items Subsidy
Flour 20Rs Per KG
Sugar 20RS Per KG
Banas Patti Ghee and Cooking Oil 50Rs Per KG
Dalian 10RS Per KG
Dates 20RS Per KG
Rice 50RS Per KG
Drinks 10RS Per Bottle
Tea 50RS
Milk 20RS per KG
Misala 10RS Per Pack

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