How to Apply For Punjab Kisan Card 2024 Online Registration

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How to Apply For Punjab Kisan Card 2024 Online Registration will be start from 25 April 2024. CM Punjab Maryam Nawaz took a very important step for the farmers. It is a great news for the farmers of Punjab that end-ghar type government subsidy and government funds will reach the farmers through their bank account. Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz has approved Kisan card. Through this Kisan Card, loans of up to five lakh rupees will be given to small farmers on easy terms, along with fertilizer, seeds and medicines, i.e. Rs. Complete information about Kisan Card is explained in this blog post. Visit our website frequently for more information.

CM Punjab Maryam Nawaz Sharif, considering the exploitation of farmers in Punjab and in view of the abuses against farmers, has decided to provide all possible facilities to the farmers, which will not only make the farmers prosperous but also the agriculture of Pakistan.

Kisan Card 2024 Online Registration

Punjabi farmers who are registered and own less than 12 acres of land can apply for a Punjab Kisan Card at Bank of Punjab starting on April 25 along with individual ownership of their land. A farmer account will be opened in the Bank of Punjab for the Punjab Kisan Card and on this basis the Punjab Kisan Card will be issued. Farmers will be able to maintain up to 20 lakhs in their Punjab Kisan Card account, which functions similarly to a Pay Pak card.

Kisan Card Registration Date for Apply

Title Kisan Card Registration
Province Punjab
Registration Start Date 25 April 2024
Official Website Apply Online
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CM Punjab Kisan Card Program 2024 Complete Guideline

Any bank’s ATM, including Bank of Punjab, will accept withdrawals up to $50,000 per day using the Punjab Kisan Card. The Bank of Punjab’s mobile app and online transaction capabilities will be available to Punjab Kisan cardholders. Every farmer with a Punjab Kisan Card will receive an interest-free loan from Bank of Punjab worth 30,000 per acre; the loan must be returned after six months. Based on the Punjab Kisan Card, Bank of Punjab will give farmers subsidies on agricultural gear and tools.

Eligibility Criteria For Kisan Card 2024

At the subsidized agricultural center, farmers will receive seeds, sprays, and agricultural accessories by using their Punjab Kisan Card, which will be scanned at the Bank of Punjab POS machine situated within the agricultural center. Farmers with Punjab Kisan Cards would be eligible for the tube well and pake khal schemes. Agricultural plot competitions will be organized among farmers through Punjab Kisan Card and the winner will be awarded a prize.

How to Apply Online For Kisan Card 2024?

If you wish to get Kisan Card 2024 then the procedure which is very simple is described below:

  • You should visit your land record center.
  • Get individual property documents of your area.
  • Take personal property documents and go to Bank of Punjab.
  • From there you get the Kisan Card form from the bank.
  • Fill the Kisan Card form carefully and submit it to the bank.
  • After 15 to 20 days, your card will be generated,
  • which will be notified to you through a call or SMS.

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