Election 21st April Result 2024 All PP Announced

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Election 21st April Result 2024 All PP is going to announce on our website aiousresult.com. Government of Pakistan has decided to reconduct in some areas like in Bhakkar there is pp 93 in which Amir Anayat Shahani wins the two seats so according to role of election commision hea has to resign from one seat so the election in the pp 93 is going to reconduct so that’s why there are many cities Election saw rigging, so Government is going to give Pakistanis right to select their own choice leader by voting. There are following areas in which election is reconducted PP-22, PP-32, PP-36, PP-54, PP-93, PP-139, PP-147, PP-149, PP-158, PP-164, PP-290, PB-20, PP-22 and PS-80.

Election 2024 Results, Pakistan

According to the election commission, the elections will be held for thirteen vacant seats of the Punjab Provincial Assembly and 5 of the National Assembly seats, on which election is going to conduct on 21st April 2024. The election commission of Pakistan said that the nomination papers for the elections must be submitted 18 March. This election was reconducted because in some areas the result which was announced on TV on 8 February at night was different from the result which was announced by Election Commission according Form 45 and 47 there was huge difference, and it was the worst rigging in the Pakistan history, so Supreme Court of Pakistan decided to reconduct the election in these areas. We will provide all PP results on this page.

Punjab Provincial Assembly Elections 2024 Results List

The Election Commission of Pakistan is an independent but this year we saw large number of rigging all over the country in general election 2024 which was conducted on 8 February that why the election is reconducted in some areas of Punjab. According to result stats, PTI is laeding in all 13 PP in Punjab PMLN is on 2nd number and PPP is on 3rd number. But it is chance that PTI will clean sweep the elction on 21st April.

Election 21st April Result 2024

Election Result PP-22 Check Now
Election Result PP-32 Check Now
Election Result PP-36 Check Now
Election Result PP-54 Check Now
Election Result PP-93 Check Now
Election Result PP-139 Check Now
Election Result PP-147 Check Now
Election Result PP-149 Check Now
Election Result PP-158 Check Now
Election Result PP-164 Check Now
Election Result PP-290 Check Now
Election Result PP-22 Check Now
Election Result PP-80 Check Now

How To Check General Election Result Of 21st 2024

To check the results of the 21st general election in 2024, you can follow these general steps:

  • Visit the Official website of Election Commission Website: Go to the official website of the Election Commission of Pakistan. Look for a section which has updates about election 2024.
  • Navigate to the Results Page: Once you’re on the Election Commission’s website, navigate to the section that has news about election results, which is conducted 21st general election in 2024.
  • Enter Relevant Information: You may need to enter specific details like the election date, name or number, and other relevant information which is required to check the results.
  • View the Results: Once you’ve entered the required information, the website will display the results of the 21st general election for the respective areas.
  • Check Alternative Sources: If the official website is overloaded or not accessible, you can also check reliable news websites, TV channels, or social media platforms for election result updates.
  • Stay Updated: Election results are often updated in real-time, so it’s a good idea to keep checking the official website or other reliable sources like our website for the latest updates and results.

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