CM Punjab Announce Solar Panel Scheme 2024 Allocation Of 1260 Million Rupees

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The CM Punjab Solar Panel Scheme, also known as the Roshan Solar Program Pakistan is recently announced on 28 March 2024 initiative by the Punjab government in Pakistan to facilitate the farmers in Pakistan. Its main aims to distribute the free solar power systems to eligible candidates across the province of Punjab. The main goal of CM Punjab Solar Panel Scheme is to provide clean and reliable energy for solar tube well to produce water for crops and reduce dependence on the traditional tube well.

Initial target of CM Punjab Solar Panel Scheme is to distribute 50,000 solar systems in the first phase. Each household will receive a complete solar panel system in this CM Punjab Solar Panel Scheme including solar panels, an inverter, and a battery, capable of generating up to one kilowatt of electricity for withdraw water from soil. These solar panels are provided free of cost to all deserving farmers.

CM Punjab Solar Panel Scheme 2024 Apply Online

The government will announce CM Punjab Solar Panel Scheme, Apply Online through official channels soon. You can stay informed by checking Punjab government websites. If you want to apply for this solar scheme, then keep an eye on official website announcement regarding online registration. If you think you are eligible for this Solar Scheme, gather your all documents like your electricity bills as proof of consumption of electricity. For this, CM Punjab program only low electricity consumption, possibly below 100 units per month are eligible for this scheme.

Brief overview of the CM Punjab Maryam Nawaz Solar Panel Scheme

This scheme is announced by Maryam Nawaz, and she is the first woman chief minister of Pakistan. You can estimate her commitment for the benefits of ordinary people of Punjab. This is her vision to provide renewable energy resource to the poor people of Punjab to reduce their expenditure of growing crops and to meat other electricity needs. We are going to provide a short overview of this scheme in a table.

Price Range Of Solar Plates Solar System (KW)
75,000 to 85,000 Rupees 1 KW
1,50,000 to 1,70,000 Rupees 2 KW
1,89,000 to 2,15,000 Rupees 3 KW
2,52,000 to 2,85,600 Rupees 4 KW
3,15,000 to 3,57,000 Rupees 5 KW
5,31,000 to 6,07,000 Rupees 10 KW

Initial Cost and Financing Options For CM Punjab Solar Scheme 2024

Subsidy Which Is Applicable Price Of Solar Panel After Subsidy
Rupees 18,000 57,000 to 67,000 Rupees
18,000 x 2 = 36,000 Rupees 1,14,000 to 1,34,000 Rupees
Rs. 18,000 x 3 = 54,000 Rupees 1,35,000 to 1,61,000 Rupees
Rs. 18,000 x 3 + Rs. 9,000 x 1 = 63,000 Rupees 1,89,000 to 2,22,600 Rupees
Rs. 18,000 x 3 + Rs. 9,000 x 2 = 72,000 Rupees 2,43,000 to 2,85,000 Rupees
1,17,000 Rupees 4,14,000 to 4,90,000 Rupees

Objectives of this Solar Scheme

  • To increase the use of renewable energy source in Punjab
  • To reduce the electricity cost in Province Punjab.
  • To make environment free from pollution of diesel and other oils, which are used for irrigation of crops.
  • To save the fuel from wastage in villages.

Benefits of Maryam Nawaz Solar Scheme, 2024

  • Everyone can get solar pannels on installment.
  • It is the best way to decrease the cost of production of electricity.
  • It is good for the environment, so it has environmental benefits.
  • It is a long term program for savage of electricity.
  • It provides employment oppurtunities to the province of Punjab.

Call To Action For This CM Punjab Mryam Nawaz Solar Scheme

  1. Check Eligibility: Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria for this CM Punjab Solar Scheme. You must be the resident of Punjab, owning a house, and meeting all income criteria.
  2. Collect Documents: Gather all necessary documents such as proof of residence, proof of income, property documents, and any other documents which are specified on advertisement.
  3. Visit the Website: Go to the official website of the CM Punjab Myriam Nawaz Solar Scheme or the Punjab government’s website to apply for this scheme.
  4. Register or Login: If you are a new user, and want to register on the website. Then, create your account first there then login.
  5. Fill Application Form: Fill out the application form with accurate personal information which are asked. Check all details before submitting the application form.
  6. Upload Documents: Upload scanned copies of all required documents but first ensure they are clear.
  7. Submit Application: Once you have filled the form and uploaded the documents, submit your application online on the official website.
  8. Wait for Verification: After submission, your application will be verified by the concerned authorities of Government Of Punjab, Pakistan. This may take some time.
  9. Approval and Installation: If your application is approved, you will be notified and recieve a message. The solar panels will be installed at your residence as per the scheme guidelines.
  10. Follow-up: If you are not contacted back in a reasonable time span, you must contact the authorities to inquire about the status of your application.

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