ASF Interview Dates 2024 Call letter Download

The Airport Security Force (ASF) of Pakistan announced the interview schedule for 2024, which will take place from January 25 to January 30, covering 747 positions. In 1976, ASF was established to maintain the safety and lawfulness of Pakistan’s airports. In August 2023, job applications were opened to both men and women from Pakistan, followed by written tests conducted in December 2023. Only those who successfully passed these written tests are qualified for the interviews. Detailed information, including interview dates and the recruitment process, can be accessed through the ASF’s official website or the provided contact number.

ASF Interview Dates 2024

If you’ve recently applied for a position at the Airports Security Force (ASF) in Pakistan, you’re likely awaiting information about interview dates and procedures. Your anticipation is well-placed, as the interview process is a pivotal point in the potential to secure your dream job. One of the most critical pieces of this puzzle is the ASF Interview Call Letter. This document is more than an invitation; it’s your passport to the next stage of the selection process. So, what does the ASF Call Letter 2024 entail? Let’s dive into the specifics and understand how to ensure you’re fully prepared for your upcoming ASF interview. First things first: you need to know when your ASF interview is scheduled. The interview dates will depend on the position you’ve applied for and the region in which you reside.

Here are the ASF Interview Dates for 2024 by region:

  • Karachi: March 5th to March 10th
  • Lahore: March 15th to March 20th
  • Islamabad: March 25th to March 30th

Remember that these dates are subject to change, so it’s vital to keep an eye on the official ASF website for any updates.

How to Download the Call Letter

Downloading your ASF Call Letter is a straightforward process if you follow the right steps. Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Visit the ASF Official Website: Access the ASF website—
  2. Login or Find the Admit Card Link: If you have already registered, locate the admit card link. If not, complete your registration first.
  3. Enter Your Details: Provide the required information, such as your registration number, date of birth, and security code.
  4. Download and Print: Once your details are verified, you can download the call letter. Ensure that you print it out immediately, as you will need a hard copy for identification purposes.

ASF Interview Schedule 2024 Pakistan

The ASF Interview Schedule for 2024 in Pakistan is as follows:

  • The interview process is expected to last one full day for each candidate.
  • Interview times will be staggered, with the first slots typically beginning at 8am and the last slots ending around 4pm.
  • Exact details about the structure of the interview will be briefed to candidates upon receiving the Call Letter.

ASF Call Letter 2024

The ASF Call Letter 2024 will include the following details:

  • Candidate Information: Your name, photograph, roll number, and registration number, which will serve as your identification during the interview process.
  • Interview Venue: The address of the venue where your interview will be conducted.
  • Date and Time of Interview: Precise information about when and where you are expected.
  • Instructions: Any special instructions or documents you need to bring along.

ASF Interview Dates 2024 Call letter Download

ASF Call Letter 2024 for Corporal

If you have applied for a Corporal position within ASF, your ASF Call Letter will also include the reporting time, styles of questioning, and a brief description of the selection process.

ASF Call Letter 2024 for Constable

For those who applied for a Constable role, the ASF Call Letter will outline aspects such as the selection criteria, what to wear to the interview, and how your performance will be evaluated.

Airport Security Force Jobs Test Centers

As part of the initial application process, you might have selected your preferred ASF test center. During this call letter distribution phase, the dynamics shift from test centers to the actual interview venue, as outlined in your personalized ASFC Call Letter 2024.

ASF Contact Number

In case of any queries, discrepancies, or issues with downloading the call letter, the ASF offers a dedicated helpline for applicants. Do not hesitate to reach out to them for assistance:

  • Address: Headquarters ASF, B-280 Old Area, Karachi
  • Phone: +92-21-99242578
  • Email:
  • Timing: Monday to Friday (9am to 5pm)


The ASF Interview Call Letter is more than just another piece of paper. It signifies a pivotal moment in your career journey. As you prepare for your interview, ensure to read all the instructions on the call letter carefully and contemplate it as the first step towards success. Best of luck in your future endeavors, and remember, preparation and caution are your best assets as you progress through the ASF selection process. Your next step is only a call letter away.

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